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Edited by Annabelle Hickson, Murdoch Books, 2024

Earth & Fire

e a r t h   &   f i r e
modern potters, their tools, techniques and practice

Kylie and Tiffany Johnson, Thames & Hudson, 2023



Sunlight for a pandemic

Katherine Tamiko Arguile, A ray of sunlight amid pandemic gloom, 2021.    

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Ordinary Alchemy
exhibition catalogue

Leanne Amodeo, Odes to Ordinariness, 2017

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Obsessed : Compelled to make exhibition catalogue

Lisa Cahill and Penny Craswell (ed), 2018, Australian Design Centre, p.30-35

101 Contemporary Australian artists

101 Contemporary
Australian Artists

Kelly Gellatly (Ed.), 2012, National Gallery of Victoria, pp. 76, 77.

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Journal of Australian Ceramics

Front cover, Vol 53 No 3 of The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Nov 2011.

Fromage Homage II_hfreeman.jpg

Be Consumed : Creative Collaborations from the Barossa

Adele Sliuzas, Being Consumed, Journal of Australian Ceramics, Nov 2014, p.16-22


e b b
e x h i b i t i o n   c a t a l o g u e

Juliette Hanson, ebb, 2022

w a t c h . . .  

Freeman_shape of tears_detail.jpg

Ghost Objects
exhibition catalogue

Rayleen Forester, The Wound is the place where the light enters you, 2019.             l i s t e n . . .

Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 8.50.22 pm.png

Inga Walton, Ghost Whisperer, Ceramic Review July/August 2019, p 28-33

Screen shot 2018-06-09 at 8.41.54 AM.png

Soap Score
exhibition catalogue

Sera Waters, The care-full craft of lifetimes, Journal of Australian Ceramics, 55/2 July 2016, p. 58-62

hf_an airtight container_2.jpg

Material deception
Honor Freeman & Lynda Benglis

Kait Gilioli, Broadstrokes blog, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC


Primavera 07
exhibition catalogue

Christine Morrow, MCA, p. 16-19

Ceramics_an atlas of forms_edited.jpg

c e r a m i c s :
a n   a t l a s   o f   f o r m s

Glenn Barkley, Thames & Hudson, 2023

neoteric cataloge cover.JPG

Dominic Guerrera, Words for Honor, 2022.    

Ceramics Masterclass.png


Louisa Taylor, Thames & Hudson, 2020        

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Artist Profile

Fulvia Mantelli, Honor Freeman, Artist Profile, issue 42 2018, p. 96-100

Designing Craft_Crafting Design

Designing Craft/Crafting Design : 40 years of Jamfactory catalogue

Margaret Hancock Davis, Margot Osborne, Brian Parkes (Ed.), 2013, JamFactory, pp. 88, 89.

wrong end of the stick_4.JPG

Journal of Australian Ceramics

Roy Ananda, Harmonies and Disonances, Journal of Australian Ceramics, 51/2 July 2012, p. 74-77


Craft Unbound :
make the common precious

Kevin Murray, 2005, Craftsman House, Melbourne, VIC, pp.100-105

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