Small Gifts for Street Corners with Louise Flaherty   |   2020
SALA Festival 2020
Ghost Objects   |   2019
Art Gallery of South Australia | Melrose Wing |Guildhouse Collections Project
The Scene Is The Seen   |   2019
Holy Rollers Studios
SALA Festival | Adelaide
Australian Ceramics Triennale @ PW1
Manifest Exhibition | PW1 | Hobart | TAS
Dissolving Ballast
slipcast porcelain and bathtub
(photographer: Caity Duffus)
Spring 1883, The Hotel Windsor
Spring 1883 | Jan Murphy Gallery | The Hotel Windsor | Melbourne, 2018
on/off/on was an ongoing project (2003-2009) involving the installation of slip cast and hand sanded porcelain light switches and power points around the streets of cities and towns, nationally and internationally. A gentle gesture and quiet gift – a wink to those who notice the small details.
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